Hyeran Chung

Post-Doctoral Researcher
University of Minnesota

Hyeran Chung is an applied economist who conducts research on health disparities in the United States, with a specific interest in population health. She joined the EdSHARe as a postdoctoral associate in Fall 2022. She has strong quantitative skills and expertise in health inequalities among those from underserved communities. She has experience in analyzing large-scale U.S. population data and in working with biomarker and restricted geographic data. Her most recent research has focused on diabetes, particularly trying to understand the factors that explain demographic and geographic differences in transition and management. Given her focus on the roles of individual, household, and community factors on health disparities, she has used the EdSHARe data to study the social pathways through which early life factors (especially educational quality and racial/ethnic segregation) impact cognitive, health, and other outcomes at age ~60. Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2022.