EdSHARe Resources

Internal Resources

EdSHARe staff with access can visit our private internal resources page.

Public Resources

Student/Postdoc Expectations: What is expected of graduate students and postdocs who work on the EdSHARe project? What should graduate students and postdocs expect from the project and its leaders?

Student/Postdoc Semester Planning and Review: A tool that EdSHARe graduate students and postdocs are expected to use at the end of each semester (or the summer) to review their progress and plan for the future.

Student/Postdoc Policy on Presenting EdSHARe Research at Conferences: Policies regarding EdSHARe graduate student and postdoc participation at professional conferences. Complete this form to request travel funds before you book your travel.

Student/Postdoc Application to Submit EdSHARe Research to a Conference: A form to be completed by EdSHARe graduate students and postdocs to apply to submit an EdSHARe research paper to a professional conference.

Student/Postdoc Application to Propose a New EdSHARe Paper: Guidelines for how EdSHARe graduate students and postdocs should develop and propose new research papers. [Example Application]

Disclosure Review: EdSHARe policies and procedures about submitting conference submissions, presentations, and journal article submissions for Disclosure Risk Review by NCES/IES.

Authorship Policy: EdSHARe’s philosophy, policies, and procedures regarding authorship on project manuscripts.