Chandra Muller

Illustration of Chandra Muller's head and shoulders in front of a yellow background
Principal Investigator
University of Texas

Chandra Muller is a Principal Investigator of EdSHARe and a sociologist with expertise in the structure of education and schooling processes that produce, reproduce, and disrupt social inequalities over the life course. Dr. Muller received her Ph.D. and MA in Sociology from the University of Chicago and her MEd in Education from Stanford University, and is currently based at the University of Texas at Austin. 

Dr. Muller’s current research focuses on the role of high school education and experiences in relation to the health, well-being, and cognitive functioning of people as they enter into midlife and beyond. My research group is studying the disability status, self-reported health status, body weight, mental health, cognitive, suicide, and other health-related conditions, as well as workforce, retirement, financial security, and early mortality of people in midlife. She has published extensively on measuring the processes and contexts, their relationships to educational attainment, work, health, mortality, and political and civic engagement, and disparities along the dimensions of social inequality related to racial/ethnic, sex and gender, immigrant status and language, and disability status.