Amanda Thomas

Graduate Student
University of Minnesota

Amanda is a third-year PhD student in the Epidemiology & Community Health Division at the University of Minnesota. Concurrently she is a 2nd year T32 Population Health Predoctoral trainee at the Minnesota Population Center. She received her undergraduate degree from Hope College in 2013 and Masters of Science in Public Health degree from the University of South Carolina in 2016. Subsequently she worked for five years as a Manager of Research Projects / Assistant Epidemiologist and staff Biostatistician at Emory University School of Medicine (Cardiology and Pediatric Biostatistics Core) in Atlanta, GA. At that time her research focused on the long-term effects of congenital heart defects treatment and surgery with a large, nationwide outcome datasets (National Death Index [NDI], Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium [PCCC]). 


Her research interests focus on cancer survivorship across the life course in relation to later in life outcomes and after effects of treatment. Within the High School and Beyond dataset, alongside Dr. Rob Warren, she is investigating the diagnosis (early- and mid-life) and treatment of cancer on subsequent financial, occupational, and socioeconomic trajectories.