Eric Grodsky

Illustration of Eric Grodsky's head and shoulders in front of a yellow background
Principal Investigator
University of Wisconsin

Eric Grodsky is a Principal Investigator of EdSHARe, a Professor of Sociology and Educational Policy Studies, and Co-Director of the Madison Education Partnership. Dr. Grodsky received his Ph.D. and MS in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is currently based at the same University.  

Much of Dr. Grodsky’s work considers the stratified contexts under which families and schools contribute to the development of people over the life course. The bulk of his research is based on quasiexperimental methods. He has worked with and taught on quantitative models for observational data for the past 20 years. The data sets on which he uses are typically drawn from panel studies based on stratified, clustered samples, have complex patterns of unit and item nonresponse and thus require analytic techniques to address a variety of violations of assumption on which simpler model are based (including correlated disturbances and heteroskedasticity). High School and Beyond is one such data set.